HQ series SMT lead free reflow oven reflow soldering 10 13 zone (New)

HQ series lead-free reflow(High end type) Win10 operation system, so simply as Chinese and English interface onscreen alternative is available. Intelligent Diagnosis System has the functions of Trouble Remind, Alarm List-out, Report saving. All production data will be backup automatically, and easily for ISO9000 management.

HB HQ series Lead Free Nitrogen Reflow Oven

Perfect performance  Low energy consumption  Intelligence

Product introduction

HQ series lead free nitrogen reflow oven is a high-end and high quality equipment and designed by R&D team of HB. With advantages of good soldering quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and intelligence management. This series reflow oven have won the 15th AV Visionary Award in 2021.

   Application: Its apply for high demand reflow soldering process in fields of mobile communication, computer, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical, military industry and semiconductor.

 Core technology and advantages

High reliability soldering process

High  configuration: The main electrical control components are foreign famous brand. The heating core is treated with high temperatures of 1200 to

avoid oxidation and more durable.

High precision temperature control: The temperature difference between SV and PV 1.0. The temperature deviation on the PCB for one board load

and the full board load is 1.5. High thermal compensation efficiency, high CPK class.


Low oxygen content, avoids the oxidation of components: The furnace adopts a closed design, and the amount of residual oxygen can be controlled 

at 10 ~ 200 ppm.

High  cleanliness class, meet the production requirements of dust -free workshops:  The conveyor chain use stainless steel roller type. It's change the

liding friction to rolling friction which not easy to produce metal dust. There are a bottom exhaust filter system to make the furnace cleaner and the 

clean class can reach 1,000 levels.


High production efficiency

High heating efficiency: The heating zone adopts modular design and three-phase current heat control technology. It's can correspond to the large 

        thermal required when meets big and thick pallet. Special processes in the air duct. Adopted technology nano coating heating fairing plate to let 

        transfer more faster. And efficiency is 20% increased compared to other equipment in the market.

        Fast and precise conveyor speed: The conveyor rail is segment design, controlled by servo motor. Special guide rail design to quick release

        thermal expansion which make sure conveyor running smooth.

       Option dual lane with dual speed: In single machine price to make double productivity, save 60% energy.

Energy -saving, less maintenance

Low energy comsumption, saving electricity and nitrogen costs:

New design structure and thermal management system. Multi -layer physical thermal insulation layer. It's can reduce heater energy loss and nitrogen

consumption, reduce energy consumption and cost, saving energy more than 15%. 

The lowest shell surface temperature, no affect the workshop environment: The newest thermal insulation technology and newest transmission design to

 insure the shell surface temperature +5℃ above room temperature.

Low PCB output temperature: The newest cooling technology, multi-zone&double-side cooling with max. Cooling length of 1400mm to insure the lowest

 output temperature.

Reduce maintenance times without delaying production: Special design multi-segment of flux tube. Easy to remove and clean flux system.

It's can reduce equipment maintenance time and frequency.

Smart production and management

Smart Production Control System: Win10 operating system, Chinese and English interface onscreen alternative is available, easy to operate, integrated

software+PLC combination, which can connect the factory MES system to achieve industrial 4.0 production management, support IPC-HERMES, 

IPC-CFX standards and so on.

Smart management: Intelligent diagnosis system has the functions of Trouble Remind, Alarm list-out, Report Saving. Option real-time monitoring system, 

 its can records, storage, sorting and displaying various production parameters and alarm information, automatically generate data reports.

Technical specification

HQ series Lead Free Nitrogen Reflow Oven