Corporate culture

HB's view of competition

       Perfect competition mechanism is the accelerator of HB's redevelopment. Internally, HB advocates positive, open, fair and just competition among employees. A good competitive atmosphere is the catalyst for HB's continuous innovation. Externally, HB should have the courage to participate in domestic and international market competition, develop and grow in the competition, and make HB full of vitality and vitality.

HB's market view

The market is created.There can be no enterprise in the market, but the enterprise cannot do without the market, and the market comes from the favor of customers. HB's existence is the process of pursuing the goal of becoming an adult, becoming a person, and helping customers succeed. HB people not only pursue the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also realize the success of customers and reflect the social value. While satisfying the market, we should also be good at making use of new technologies and products to create the market, and be good at exploring the potential needs of customers. Only when we dare to be the first and constantly innovate, can we create a greater successful market and achieve greater market success.

HB's view on Talents: having virtue as talents

         Employees are the most valuable resources of HB. HB is good at using talents, achieving talents and making the best use of talents.

HB pays more attention to the improvement of employees' ideological cultivation, pays attention to the education, cultivation and growth of personnel in both "morality" and "talent", and combines the career of employees with the development of HB.