CR series SMT lead free reflow soldering 8 10 12 zone reflow oven

Win 10 operating system, Chinese and English interface switching, simple operation; With fault diagnosis function, it can display all faults, display and store them in the automatic alarm list; The control program can automatically generate and back up various data reports, which is convenient for ISO 9000 management.

HB CR series Lead Free Reflow Oven

Using HB Reflow Ovenits will be high soldering efficiency.


1. The longer heating zone are able to get high production efficiency and throughput.

2. Adopted with foreign famous brand parts, stable and reliable performance

The control system adopted with Siemens PLC & modular circuit to stabilized and accurate of repeat precision.

Adopted foreign famous brand material as its major parts, which has guaranteed of durable and reliable.

3. Conveyor with well parallel and transmission is stable

           The rail is dealt with harden process to make it more stability. 

           Segment design which can release pressure that make guide rail more durable, not easy to bend and deform also not dorp board. 

4. Conveyor Chain+Mesh belt

       The conveyor system adopts the both mesh belt and chain, which is suitable for the efficient production of various products.

The chain adopts the automatic tensioning design to ensure that the long-term use is not loose and the board will not drop.