Haobao Technology held the 2024 annual business plan launch meeting.

Release time : 2024-01-24 Reading volume:45 Printing Collection

With the wheel of time rolling forward, we sent away 2023, ushered in a new 2024. At this moment full of hope and challenges, the management of Haobao in Shenzhen gathered at the Shenzhen headquarters on January 22, 2024, to hold the annual business plan launch conference, review the achievements and experience of the past year, work together to plan the blueprint for the New Year, and jointly start a new journey.

The meeting was first addressed by Chairman Li Jinhui. 2023 is an unusual year in the once-in-a-century great changes, the global economy has slowed down, and all walks of life are facing different degrees of pressure. Haobao faces difficulties, has the courage to change, and has achieved good results, but at the same time, it also exposes some problems. In 2024, it will still be a year full of hopes and challenges, and the government has put forward the overall policy of "seeking progress while maintaining stability, promoting stability through progress, and building first before breaking". After several recent investigations, visits and discussions, the Board of Directors of Haobao has established the basic strategy for 2024 and decided to appoint Mr. Sun Hao as the general manager of Haobao. All the staff of Haobao should thoroughly implement the management ideas of the board of directors, and under the leadership of General Manager Sun, actively respond to pressure and challenges, break the cocoon into a butterfly, and then climb the peak.

At the meeting, hold the Haobao Technology general manager award ceremony, Li Dong issued the general manager appointment letter to Mr. Sun Hao.

Subsequently, General Manager Sun Hao promulgated Haobao's 2024 business objectives, and clarified the company's business guiding ideology: take the market as the guide, take technology as the core, take quality as the basis, take talents as the guarantee, strengthen project management, vigorously explore the international market, and strive to become a global leader in thermal equipment.


"The Red Army is not afraid of difficult expeditions, but only idle. The five mountains gently teng waves, Wu Meng majestic walking mud balls. ..." Combined with historical cases such as the Battle of Ju Lu, the Battle of Red Cliff and the Long March of the Red Army, General Sun pointed out that difficulties would always exist, and only by overcoming difficultiescould Cao Cao, Zhou Yu and the later achievements, status and fame of the Red  Army be achieved. All the management staff and employees of Haobao should learn and practice this fearless spirit, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, keep in mind the mission and responsibility, and all are committed to achieving our 2024 business objectives. complete the business objectives in 2024 with the practical work style and the persevering craftsman spirit.

Once the mission, strategy, and goals are defined, building a mission-driven, winning, evolving organization and first team will be the key to strategic success. At the meeting, Mr. Sun promulgated the latest organizational structure of Haobao, read out the personnel appointment letter, and introduced the members of the management team one by one.

Subsequently, the signing ceremony for the 2024 business goals of the heads of departments was held. The heads of all departments solemnly promised in public that they would make every effort to complete the goals set by the company, went all out to promote the execution and landing of the team tasks, unconditionally obey the company's work arrangement and adjustment, leaded the team to implement the work, ensured that the landing was sound, and contributed their own strength to the development of the company with an efficient working attitude and excellent execution.

Subsequently, Mr. He Zhonghua of the Marketing Department and Mr. He Qingxin of the Sales Department analyzed the domestic and international economic situation in 2024, the marketing strategy of Haobao and the performance forecast, so that everyone had a clearer understanding of the economic situation, the industry situation and the performance target of Haobao.

Then, Luo Wenxin and Liang Congyuan have elaborated the main work plan for 2024 from the aspects of product development, supply chain and research and development, service, etc., to provide strong support for the completion of performance targets, so that everyone was more confident..

At the end of the meeting, the chief consultant of Haobao was invited to give a speech by Wu Yiping, former doctoral supervisor and professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Professor Wu made a simple introduction from the international and domestic environment, industry and technology development trends, and said that after more than a year of hard research and development, Haobao has made a breakthrough in intelligent reflow welding, power semiconductor thermal equipment and vacuum vapor phase welding. In the next step, He will lead and guide the R&D technical team to overcome difficulties and successfully launch a number of domestic pioneering products and results to the market in 2024.

Enter a new starting point, start a new journey. The new round of horn in 2024 has sounded, and all the officers and soldiers of Haobao will have the initial heart and determination of "the Red Army is not afraid of expedition difficulties", calmly respond, innovate and make breakthroughs, and go all out to complete the goals of 2024. By then, we will be more happy with the snow in Minshan, and the three armies will be happy after "!