Invitation letter/Haobao Technology invites you to attend the Munich Shanghai Electronics Production Equipment Fair of 2024.

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On March 20-22, 2024, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Halls E1-E6, C3).


As a leading manufacturer in the field of global thermal equipment, Haobao Technology will bring a new generation of high-end reflow welding, online formic acid vacuum furnace, offline vacuum eutectic furnace and the first true air phase welding system launched in China to participate in this exhibition, aiming to bring better welding, curing and other packaging equipment and solutions for the global electronics manufacturing, semiconductor and power semiconductor fields.

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@HAobao VAVP series on-line formic acid vacuum reflow welding furnace:

In response to the needs and pain points of the power semiconductor industry, Haobao Technology, together with the professor team of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, has devoted itself to develop a series of highly reliable, highly stable and efficient online formic acid vacuum welding furnaces, bringing excellent packaging and welding solutions for power semiconductor manufacturing or packaging manufacturers.


Applications: Power semiconductors (IGBT modules, MOSFET devices), advanced packaging, microelectronics hybrid assembly, optoelectronic packaging, airtight packaging, wafer-level packaging, UHB LED packaging, MEMS packaging, etc.

@HAobao VAVP off-line formic acid vacuum reflux welding oven:

VAYP-100 is a compact vacuum eutectic welding equipment developed by Haobao for research and development, experiment or small batch production. It can be used for non-void-free and high-quality welding of solder sheet or solder paste. It can effectively reduce void-rate, reduce oxidation of pad or component pin, and improve product reliability. It is an ideal choice for R&D, production and trial production of enterprises, universities and research institutes in semiconductor, aerospace, automotive electronics, optical communication and other fields.


Application: It is suitable for the welding of chip and substrate, substrate and cooling plate, shell and cover plate in power semiconductor, power electronics, automotive electronics, aerospace, material testing and other fields, such as IGBT module, MEMS, microwave multi-chip module (MMCM technology), hybrid integrated circuit, laser, optical communication module and so on.


@Haobao HQ series lead-free nitrogen reflow furnace

Haobao HQ series lead-free nitrogen reflow furnace, is a high-end, high-quality reflow welding equipment developed by Haobao technical elite R & D team, with good welding quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and more intelligent management characteristics; He won several awards such as the 15th AV Vision Award in 2021. HQ series reflow furnaces have been batch adopted by head customers including Foxconn, Flextronics, Lisun Precision, Lenovo and so on.


Application: It can be used in mobile phone communication, computer, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical, aerospace military, semiconductor and other fields with high requirements, high quality and high efficiency reflow welding process.


In addition, Haobao will also show the first VVP vacuum vapor phase welding system released in China, and there are many exquisite gifts waiting for you to receive. We are looking forward to welcoming you from March 20 to 22, 2024 at No. 4388, Hall E4, Shanghai New International Expo Center.