Haobao Technology | will start work in 2024 and send benefits.

Release time : 2024-02-28 Reading volume:44 Printing Collection

The eighth day of the first month, 8:08, Haobao technology officially started!


In the early morning, a long row of festive firecrackers are placed at the gate of Haobao Industrial Park, symbolizing the auspicious and prosperous New Year weather. At 8:08, with the leadership of the order, firecrackers, deafening sound reverberated in the air, as if to announce to the world that our new journey has begun. At this moment, each of our faces filled with joy and anticipation.

n the past year, we have experienced ups and downs together. Now, standing at a new starting point, we look forward to the future with confidence and look forward to creating more brilliant performance in the New Year.


After the lively and festive firecrackers were let off, Mr. Sun made a party for the employees who lined up in a long line to start work. I wish everyone a happy New Year and may you come into a fortune!

The earth returns in spring, and everything is renewed. At this new starting point, Our Haobao people should be full of energy, the beginning is a decisive battle, start to sprint mentality, in 2024, take the initiative to take responsibility, unite as one, work hard, overcome difficulties, improve quality and efficiency, grasp orders, stable quality, promote production, and strive to achieve the annual goal!

The road is not lonely, the people go far; If we don't stop, the future is promising. Let all of our Haobao people, facing the sunshine of the New Year, firmly move forward, unite and forge ahead, jointly create a better life, and continue to create value for the society! Finally, I wish you all: start work, business is booming, financial resources are widely entered, thriving!